The last airbender

This site is more or less an updated archive site for what used to be the Definite Solutions website. I guess you could call this site “Home of FrontDoor, FrontDoor APX/w, TosScan, XRobot, etc” these days :-)

You can still get in touch with Joaquim Homrighausen at joho at-sign defsol dot se. You can get in touch with Mats Wallin at mw at-sign zmail dot se.

They are both currently living in Stockholm, Sweden.

Some other sites where Joaquim is active include:; Something is cooking …; Personal website/blogg
@joho68; me on Twitter; Ticket system, SaaS, authored by Joaquim Homrighausen; Commercial Internet Service Provider since 1998

And elsewhere in the physical and virtual universe.

Some day, there will be a lot of stories to tell … and for those of you who remember, DeltaFelters and StealthCookies rock!

As some of you have already figured out, there isn’t a single wording on this site to the effect of taking a permanent leave of absence. This omission is entirely intentional.