Our products in use

Definite Solutions has a large customer base in systems on which FrontDoor (FD), FrontDoor FX (FDFX), FrontDoor APX/w (FDAPX/w), and other Definite Solutions products are being used, every day of the year.

Usage range from simple two-way messaging and exchange of files between private persons, to mission-critical data distribution in financial environments; many networks utilizing products from Definite Solutions span countries, continents, or the entire world.

Although we do acknowledge that the Internet is the future, we do not believe that it is always the most streamlined or appropriate solution for a given problem. The fact that we are still selling a large quantity of software to new and old customers speaks for itself. Contrary to what many “IT-specialists” claim, the Internet is not capable of meeting every company’s automated data distribution needs.

In addition, with the appropriate drivers, our products can utilize the Internet for connections and data exchange.

Regardless of your interpretation of the words “flexible” and “reliable”, we are certain that the capabilities of our FrontDoor server product, coupled with one of our clients, will add both depth and dimension to those interpretations.

Enough of that..

Below are some example environments and situations where Definite Solutions is able to deliver a total or near-total solution. We have tried to keep the list as short as possible; something that is easier said than done. After the examples, we have included a list of some of our customers. Please let us know if you want your company listed here.

Examples of environemnts:

  • Banks
    For integrated home banking, financial transactions, financial information services (stock information, exchange rates, ordering of forms, etc).
  • Mail and parcel distribution
    For automated shipment and package tracking; from the time the shipment leaves the sender to the time it arrives at its destination.
  • Weather tracking reports
    For automated distribution and updating of weather information for off-shore resource extraction platforms and ships.
  • Specialized information distribution
    For periodic and on-demand distribution of information from a supplier to its customers or retailers.
  • Technical support
    For rapid access to technical support staff and information by customers and office staff by “on-the-road” service personnel.
  • Sales
    For registration of sales and orders by “on-the-road” sales personnel.
  • On-demand information
    Much like the “fax-back” concept; only faster, easier to use, and much more cost effective.
  • Private networks
    Private networks for discussion groups, file distribution, and general information exchange; everything from amateur interest groups to specialized vocational organizations.

Some of our customers:

Sveriges Biodlares Riksförbund (Sweden)
Paketproffsen AB (Sweden)
WebbPlatsen i Sverige AB (Sweden)
Accept Telemarketing (Sweden)
Deutscher Wetterdienst, GF Seeschiffahrt (Germany)
Verlag Hoppenstedt GmbH (Germany)
Pool-Billard-Verband Würtemberg e.V. (PBVW) (Germany)
Falcknet (Denmark)

Please note that the above only includes customers from which we have received written authorization. Unlike many other companies, we do not believe in unsolicited use of customer information.