FrontDoor Utilities

Utilities and add-ons from Definite Solutions

fdamn100.exe FDAMON version 1.00 (Windows).
FrontDoor Activity Monitor; allows monitoring of FrontDoor 2.30.mL (and other) tasks from separate LAN workstation, or any machine with access to the FrontDoor Activity Database. Self-extracting archive.
fdsmb110.exe FDSMB version 1.10 (DOS). FrontDoor
Shell-to-Mailer Bridge; allows FD 2.25 and above to be seamlessly used with BBS packages that feature “shell-to-mailer” mode (such as RemoteAccess). Self-extracting archive.
fdrop200.exe FDROPT version 2.00 (DOS, OS/2, and Win32).
FrontDoor route file optimizer; a program that simplifies the managing of complex route files for FrontDoor. Adds support for macros, region and hub routing, improved multiline support and optimization of the route file for faster processing by FrontDoor. Requires FrontDoor 2.11 or above. Self-extracting archive.
m2d110.exe MAIL2DIR version 1.10 (DOS, OS/2, and Win32).
A program that can move all mail that is waiting for the specified system to a spool directory. Useful to retrieve mail for a point over a network, to prepare mail for pickup via FTP, etc. Requires FrontDoor 2.11 or above. Self-extracting archive.
m2q100.exe MSG2QUE version 1.00 (DOS, OS/2, and Win32).
A program that moves messages meeting specified criteras from the netmail directory to FrontDoor’s static queue. Useful in combination with software that does not support the static queue and creates large quantities of messages, such as file echo processors, echomail processors, etc. Requires FrontDoor 2.25 or above. Self-extracting archive.
xrbt410.exe XRobot version 4.10 (DOS, OS/2, and Win32, separate executables inside archive).
Powerful mail utility to automate tasks such as posting of notification messages, requesting and transmitting files from and to remote systems. Allows the use of “response files” as “manifests” to define a set of files to be requested and/or transmitted. Now includes support for the FrontDoor Static Queue (STQ) and many new commands/functions such as semaphore handling, spool directories, and more. Self-extracting archive.
fdtt100.exe FDTT version 1.00 (DOS). FrontDoor
Tiny Terminal; a very small and compact terminal emulator. The intended use is to simplify configuration and verification of attached communications devices such as modems. Requires that a FOSSIL driver is installed and active. Self-extracting archive.
fdrpr130.arj FDRPR version 1.30. FrontDoor Request
Processor for RemoteAccess BBS. Works with FrontDoor version 2.11 and above. Fully integrated with both FrontDoor and RemoteAccess, easy installation. User-definable response messages, which include file descriptions, reasons for failures, etc. Updates download counters. CD-ROM support. Limit the number of wildcards that may be used in a request. And much more.
fakefd.arj FakeFD is a small program that can be used for processing mail in the background, running events, and doing other automated things. FakeFD supports eXternal events in a FrontDoor event file, which can be used to run certain things automatically at certain times of days. FakeFD also supports the
standard FDXIT.* semaphores, and if it detects one (with its TASK number), it exits with the specified errorlevel. FakeFD also supports any number of other (semaphore) files, that can trigger exits, or prevent FakeFD from exiting.