FOSSIL drivers for Windows

Please note: If you are experiencing communications problems with FrontDoor in a Microsoft Windows environment, you may want to try replacing the FOSSIL driver you are using with the ADF FOSSIL driver.

COM/IP: A good modem emulator with a FOSSIL driver interface is COM/IP from Tactical Software. Unfortunately, they do not allow third-party distribution of COM/IP. On their web site, you will, however, find links to a number of sites where you can find COM/IP.

For the cFos products below, there are more recent versions for a variety of Windows versions available at ISDN CAPI W3x/W9x/ME (16-bit and 32-bit applications) MultiPort COMM Driver. Allows applications to communicate via ISDN using CAPI.DLL. Supports multiple COM ports simultaneously, controlled by a powerful AT command set. Supports CAPI 1.1 and CAPI 2.0, fast dynamic channel bundling, AOL ISDN, V.42bis data compression, BTX, WinCIM, X.31, PPP Internet mode, V.120, DSL, analogue modem. cFos/NT for Windows NT – COM Port Emulator for ISDN CAPI. Serial kernel mode driver for NT 3.51, 4.00, and 2000 (x86). Allows applications to communicate via ISDN using CAPI 2.0. Controlled by a powerful AT command set. Supports 8 ports, X.75, V.110, BTX, X.31, V.120, PPP, analogue modem, fax class 2/2.0 command-set, V.42bis, channel bundling, internet mode, DSL, and remote configuration. 32-bit FOSSIL driver for Windows 95. Dramatically improves transfer speeds for FOSSIL-aware software written running under Windows 95. Includes support for FOSSIL-aware 32-bit applications.
NTFOSS is a virtual FOSSIL driver for Windows NT. NTFOSS runs with DOS-Programs in a DOS-Box. All baud rates which are supported by your Windows NT configuration and by the FOSSIL specification can be configured. Locked baud rates are also supported. With VFOSSIL support, key system. NTFOSS is dynamically configurable, install/uninstallable for each virtual DOS Machine.
wntfos10.rar BETA version of 32-bit FOSSIL driver for Windows NT 4.0. Dramatically improves transfer speeds for FOSSIL-aware software running under Windows NT. Now includes VMODEM support.
st32440e.exe Stomper/32 4.40. Works in DOS, Windows 3.x, Windows 9x, Winwodws NT, and Windows 2000. Share several modems and/or ISDN-cards; Share ISDN-cards using CAPI 1.1 or 2.0; Access one ISDN-card from two workstations at the same time; Modems can be attached to a Netware file server; Support INT 14/FOSSIL interface in the DOS box; Stomper can access several ISDN-cards on one PC transparently. Supported network protocols are NetBEUI and IPX/SPX.