FrontDoor Commercial/Multi-line

Full installation packages (Commercial/Multi-line)

Please note that the following files require a Commercial/Multi-line license. Download the self-extracting .EXE file and run it inside a DOS compatible session.

FrontDoor 2.33.mL
FD233-D.EXE FrontDoor 2.33.mL (DOS), self-extracting archive.
FD233-DO.EXE FrontDoor 2.33.mL (DOS + OS/2), self-extracting archive.
FrontDoor 2.32.mL
FD232-D.EXE FrontDoor 2.32.mL (DOS), self-extracting archive.

See also: FrontDoor Shareware Versions

Updates (Commercial/Multi-line)

Please note that the following files can only be used to update from and to the indicated versions of FrontDoor.

FrontDoor 2.33 updates
fd232233.exe FrontDoor 2.32.mL (DOS) to 2.33.mL (DOS) patch update (self-extracting archive).
FrontDoor 2.32 updates
fd231232.exe FrontDoor 2.31.mL (DOS) to 2.32.mL (DOS) patch update (self-extracting archive).
FrontDoor 2.31 updates
fd230231.exe FrontDoor 2.30.mL to 2.31.mL patch update (self-extracting archive).
FrontDoor 2.10 and 2.20 to 2.3x update
(The update to FrontDoor version 2.3x is not a patch update.)
fd23cupd.txt Information about how to update to version 2.3x from versions 2.10 (Commercial), and 2.20 (Commercial).
fd23supd.txt for information about how to update to version 2.3x from versions 2.12 (Shareware), 2.10 (SysOp), and 2.20 (SysOp).
FrontDoor Changelogs and Update information
fdfixes.233 List of news in FrontDoor version 2.33.mL since version 2.32.mL
fdfixes.232 List of news in FrontDoor version 2.32.mL since version 2.31.mL
fdfixes.231 List of news in FrontDoor version 2.31.mL since version 2.30.mL
fdisnew.230 A brief list of news in the version 2.3x release.
fdfixes.230 A a slightly more verbose, but still brief list of news in the version 2.3x release.

See also: FrontDoor Shareware Versions



Ballonger & Sånt / Reklamgrejer

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