FrontDoor is our powerful and flexible store-and-forward server. Dedicated to the task of automated and unattended electronic mail and data distribution, FrontDoor redefines the meaning of reliable mail server.

Welcome to FrontDoor, the flexible electronic mail and automated data-transfer server from Definite Solutions; ideally suited for implementing secure and reliable store-and-forward electronic distribution environments.

FrontDoor is a flexible electronic mail and data-transfer server specially designed for unattended and automatic operation.

Electronic mail brings new dimensions of usefulness to the Personal Computer. With FrontDoor, it is easy to set up new paths of communications within an organization using equipment that is already present in most cases.

FrontDoor is the given choice for implementing any size networks, be it an inter-office connection between only two sites or a network spanning countries and continents. Its natural placement is as part of a backbone structure for rapid electronic mail and data distribution.

A given FrontDoor server is capable of supporting several thousand clients running our integrated client software, FrontDoor APX/w; allowing flexible and reliable communication between the office and “on-the-road” staff, such as technical support and sales personnel.

FrontDoor can use most types of dial-up communications equipment such as modems and ISDN adapters, including cellular modems; with the appropriate drivers, it can also utilize the Internet for data exchange with another FrontDoor server.

FrontDoor is reliable communications.

Reliable communication means that nothing is distorted or corrupted during the transfer of mail and files, even across extremely poor line conditions or with interrupted transmissions. If a FAX is used to send a manuscript back and forth for repeated editing and revisions, it rapidly becomes illegible. With FrontDoor, the actual document can be sent back and forth an unlimited number of times without ever losing a single character. An added advantage is that the same software can be used to edit the document at both locations.

With a minimum of add-on software, a given FrontDoor server can act as a host or hub for electronic mail conference distribution, automated file and document conferencing (where received files are sent to all participants of a given conference).

The FrontDoor server package includes a powerful mail editor, a network database management tool, a full-screen configuration tool, a terminal emulator, and (of course) the actual server module; responsible for handling inbound reception and outbound transmission of electronic mail and data.

Coupled with our preferred client software, FrontDoor APX/w, FrontDoor can meet your electronic distribution requirements, whatever they are.

FrontDoor is clearly the front runner in electronic mail servers for networks utilizing the client-server concept. Combined with the power and ease-of-use of FrontDoor APX/w, an effective, secure and manageable electronic mail network provides the ultimate in electronic communications.

Examples of use:

The following outlines some examples where FrontDoor and FrontDoor APX/w are being used or can be used:

  • Remote viewing and monitoring of a production facility with FrontDoor APX/w sending image and instrument data back to a FrontDoor server.
  • Remote viewing and monitoring of car, train, ship, and flight traffic information systems with FrontDoor APX/w sending image and instrument data back to a FrontDoor server.
  • Remote viewing and monitoring of weather instruments with FrontDoor APX/w sending image and instrument data back to a FrontDoor server.
  • Point-of-sale (POS) systems where FrontDoor APX/w is used as a pure data-transfer client to transfer store inventory updates, sales figures, and end-of-day statement and report data. This includes the possibility to link an entire production-freight-point of sale chain together.
  • Product development with developers spread over a large geographical area, sharing ideas and resources. This includes a common code depository and database with technical support issues, fault reports, etc.
  • Simple and efficient messaging (mail) system between employees in one or more offices with optional conferences with two or more participants.
  • Database inquiry and extraction; financial figures, inventory data, simple “common databases”, ordering systems, document services.
  • Automated shipping of production material from provider to final production facility such as reporters and editors writing articles for printing, technical writers, and translation agencies.
  • Communication between head-office and remote geographical locations such as off shore oil drilling platforms, on-the-road sales and technical support staff; through use of satellite and/or cellular technology.

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