How our products are being used

Definite Solutions has a large customer base in systems on which FrontDoor (FD), FrontDoor FX (FDFX), FrontDoor APX/w (FDAPX/w), and other Definite Solutions products are being used, every day of the year. Usage range from simple two-way messaging and exchange of files between private persons, to mission-critical data distribution in financial environments; many networks utilizing products from Definite Solutions span countries, continents, or the entire world.


Our powerful and flexible store-and-forward server. Dedicated to the task of automated and unattended electronic mail and data distribution, FrontDoor redefines the meaning of reliable mail server.

FrontDoor APX/w (Client)

Our complete electronic mail and data-transfer system specially designed for clients; requiring no additional software, such as conference mail processors, encoding or decoding tools, compression software, or other external utilities.

FrontDoor APX/DOS (Client)

We are currently updating the information for this product.