The FastEcho product-family is a set of tools that allows you to implement broadcasting of messages as Conference Mail with FrontDoor. Conferences can span anywhere from two to several thousand participants, across the office, city, country, or around the world.

You will need RAR to unpack these archives.

FastEcho 1.46 for DOS

FastEcho 1.46 (DPMI), needs FE146.RAR (above) to run.

FastEcho 1.46 (OS/2), needs FE146.RAR (above) to run

FastEcho 1.46 update to 1.46.pl1 (needs BUPD124A.RAR below)

BUpdate 1.24a needed to apply FastEcho patches

FastEcho 1.46 Developers Kit

You can also visit the FastEcho web site.