Welcome to Definite Solutions

This is the Definite Solutions web site.

Here you will find the latest news on our products, updates and patches to our products, as well as the most recent versions of our Shareware products. You will also find some third-party utilities such as communications drivers, etc.

Do you need a FrontDoor license?

If you would like to obtain a FrontDoor license, simply drop an e-mail to defsol@defsol.se. Please include your name (as used in FrontDoor), your FTN-address, and anything else you think we may find interesting and we’ll get you a license as soon as we can.

There is also a FrontDoor group on Facebook, and you may find reboot.defsol.com to be of some interest, perhaps. You’ll find other ways to contact us here.

But.. why? Who cares about FrontDoor these days?

We do; well, I do anyway :-) I wanted to clean up the web site, regardless of software activity.

Previous mission statement

Whether the question is flexible and reliable solutions for small networks with a few users, or large, inter-continental networks with thousands of users, the answer is, in most cases, a Definite Solution!