FOSSIL drivers for OS/2

cf2_382.zip cFos/2; device driver for OS/2 to emulate COM ports to allow virtually any OS/2 communications software to communicate via the ISDN CAPI.
sio160d.zip Ray Gwinn’s comm drivers for OS/2. SIO.SYS and VSIO.SYS are replacements of the OS/2 communications drivers COM.SYS and VCOM.SYS which come with OS/2. VX00.SYS provides FOSSIL and virtual 16550 support for DOS programs. SIO can be ordered to support any number of ports. Vmodem now has both inbound and outbound Telnet.
vfd055b.zip VFD is a Virtual Device Driver providing FOSSIL functionality to VDMs (Virtual DOS Machines) running under OS/2. It does this by translating FOSSIL API calls (from a VDM) into OS/2 file system calls.