FrontDoor Documentation and Information

Documentation and Information

All .PDF files require the Adobe Acrobat Reader or plug-in. The Acrobat Reader can be freely downloaded from the Adobe website; it is available for a number of operating environments.

Product documentation
(for 2.26.SW / 2.32.mL and above)
fdadmin.pdf FrontDoor Administrator Guide in .PDF format (uncompressed).
fduser.pdf FrontDoor User Guide in .PDF format (uncompressed).
fdterm.pdf FrontDoor Terminal User Guide in .PDF format (uncompressed).
fmuser.pdf FrontDoor Editor User Guide in .PDF format (uncompressed).
fd233pdf.exe The above four .PDF documents in a self-extracting archive.
fd233txt.exe The above four .PDF documents in a self-extracting archive. The documents are in ASCII (.TXT) format. The contents are identical to that of the .PDF files listed above.
Frequently Asked Questions
fdfaq103.txt Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for FrontDoor 2.25 and above. May 15, 2001.
Technical documents
fddev230.rar PRE-RELEASE (971121) of FrontDoor Developer’s Kit for version 2.30. Contains file structures (C and Pascal header files are provided), and technical documentation (.PDF). Use RAR to unpack.
Various documents
coup.txt FrontDoor’s role in the 1991 Russian coup attempt.

See also the Technical Documents page for more (non-FrontDoor specific) technical documents.